About Us

Ticket Dhamaka aims to make life simple for our customers and clients. So we created a Bollywood website that will connect our customers to our clients local and International talent in the USA. We will represent the best talent and use our data and technology to intelligently match the needs of millions of people. We will work harder and smarter than any other Ticket company. Where other companies stop working, is where we are just beginning. We will be the best and offer the best.

At Ticket Dhamaka, our company believes in providing the best service. As a policy, we charge ZERO fees to the organizers. Whether they're listing an event or selling tickets, our Organizers will not be charged anything. Our customers who signup with us will receive special promotions: points toward discounts, newsletters, photos, and videos.

Please check our website regularly for our featured and upcoming events.

Our Offices

TicketDhamaka, Inc.

PO Box 344

Cottleville, MO 63338. USA

Email info@ticketdhamaka.com